In the early 1990s, before the era of social media dominance, skateboarding culture found
its voice through magazines and VHS video releases, notably from brands like Santa Cruz and
Powell Peralta. These videos not only shaped the skateboarding world but also influenced
creativity across various industries worldwide.

In 1988 and 1989, two groundbreaking videos, « Shackle Me Not » and « Hokus Pokus, »
emerged from the fledgling skateboard company: H-Street, unleashed a seismic shift in
street skateboarding. These videos are revered as iconic masterpieces, celebrated for their
innovative skateboarding sequences and unforgettable soundtracks.
Fast forward 35 years, and H-Street, in collaboration with Paris (France) based label Stereo
Ronin Records, embarks on a momentous project to release special edition vinyl soundtracks
from these seminal videos. This exclusive release features meticulously remastered tracks,
including new versions and previously unreleased gems on vinyl, making it a treasure trove
for any skateboarding enthusiast.

Curated from bands like Kirk & The Jerks, Sub Society, Wonderful Broken Thing and The Cry,
Potential Threat and Wheezing Maniac, representing the golden era of skateboarding music,
this album promises an unparalleled experience for fans of Punk Rock, Indy Rock, and of
course, skateboarding.

Working alongside RTM Studio in Paris, Stereo Ronin Records has undertaken a remastering
journey, ensuring that this vinyl edition delivers a truly unique sonic experience, capturing
the essence of a bygone era while resonating with contemporary audiences.
Bigwax distribution will handle the distribution of « H-Street the 35th Anniversary
Soundtrack » all around the globe. Bigwax is a French independent distribution company
working with labels such as Microids Records Roche Musique, InFiné, Record Makers, X -Ray
Production (Asian Dub Foundation) … Bigwax work with internationally renowned labels
such as Empire, Cod 3 QR, Light In The Attic, Mondo and many others.

Release date: June 19th 2024
Number of discs: 1 LP
Color disk: Red
Disc weight: 140gr
Duration : 48mn
Number of tracks: 18

Price (EU) : 25.00€
Price (Outside EU) : 22.50$

A1 – Kirk And The Jerks, To Be A Hero
A2 – Sub Society, Hokus Montage
A3 – Kirk And The Jerks, One Way To Do It
A4 – Wonderful Broken Thing, Roam Around
A5 – The Cry, Alone
A6 – Voluntários da Pátria, O Homem Que Eu Amo
A7 – Wonderful Broken Thing, Birds fly so high
A8 – Kirk And The Jerks, Hang On To The Dream
A9 – Figure Ground, Intro

B1 – Kirk And The Jerks, Gun And A Tear
B2 – The Cry, Twist Of Faith
B3 – Sub Society, A Whole Lot Less
B4 – Wonderful Broken Thing, We Don’t Touch
B5 – Wonderful Broken Thing, Trains
B6 – D.J. Dex/MT, Am Rap
B7 – Potential Threat, Self Inflicted Pain
B8 – Johnny Monster, Witch Doctor
B9 – Wonderful Broken Thing, Is This What You Wanted

« I remember watching these videos on VHS over and over again before or after sessions
with my friends. Trying to reproduce tricks or situations. These videos changed the face of
street skateboarding. It’s an honor and a privilege to be able to resurrect with Tony
Magnusson this amazing soundtrack and release it on vinyl for the very first time. This is a
piece of history ».
Frederic Claquin – Stereo Rōnin Records.

« The music for the H-Street came together in such a random way back in the 80’s that the
idea that anyone would pay them any attention decades later is unbelievable. Even more
crazy is the idea that someone wants to also make into an actual super OG Vinyl product.
Super stoked that Stereo Rōnin Records has undertaken the effort to make this a reality and
using their expertise to re-master and re-produce the most classic tracks on Vinyl. It’s also
very cool to know that these videos made kids around the world discover local bands from
California. I’m glad we helped them reach new horizons, even 35 years later after the release
of these 2 videos »
Tony Magnusson – H-Street.

“What’s particularly interesting about Hokus Pokus was its soundtrack, largely
comprised of demo cassettes, unsigned artists, and bands with loose ties to the
brand. Some of the songs were goofy, others almost anthemic, and few sounded of
their time. Perhaps it was the repetition or the fact that Matt Hensley could have
skated to the sounds of a broken oven and it would have been iconic, but the songs
in Hokus Pokus became a secret handshake for the hardcore—people who really
gave a shit about skateboarding’s culture not just the act”.
Artless / Anthony Pappalardo

“When we were filming for Shackle Me Not we were still a brand new company and
hardly anybody knew who we were and it was so brand new. I was so busy skating
and I noticed there was like a movement in skateboarding, you could feel there was a
change in the way, in the tide, not just with H-Street but with every company. I think
that video, the H-Street video was saw raw, with the crazy music, and you know, just
the wackiness of all of it, I think that feeling went out into the world, and kids
everywhere understood you don’t need to live 20mn away from Del Mar to actually be
part of what’s happening. I think that just opened up the world of skateboarding to
more people”
Matt Hensley – Pro skater and Floggin Molly band member.